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{it all began with a...

thank you}

A while back, a college roommate and lifelong friend asked me to be her "day of" coordinator and MC for her beautiful WWW (Winter Wonderland Wedding) in San Francisco, CA. With some event planning under my belt, I gladly jumped at the chance to lend a helping hand-never fully realizing the amount of work and detail that would go into it. As the speeches concluded and the dancing commenced, I remember locking eyes with my friend from across the room as she mouthed the most heartfelt "thank you" I have ever received.


Seeing my friend filled with so much joy as she and her husband lived out their special day, made me realize how essential it is to have a planner that's just as invested in creating your perfect event as you are.


And at Steadfast Events, we do just that! With every client, we ensure reliable, dedicated, and unwavering support from beginning to end so that your event is executed seamlessly.


We hope you enjoy the rest of our site, and look forward to creating your special day with you soon!

                                                                 with a heartfelt thank you,

                                                                       danielle fast



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