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"Danielle ended up stepping into shoes I didn't even think needed to exist..."

"I didn't anticipate one of my best friends, Danielle Fast, to assume the role she did for our wedding, but this is why she will be an indispensible wedding planner/coordinator/whoever it is that makes events go smoothly. I anticipated handing my dear friend a few notecards day of, detailing the loose "outline" of my rustic, DIY wedding. Just a couple of the vendors and their numbers so I didn't have to deal with it. I briefly gave her an idea of how I wanted things to go throughout the day. I wanted things simple and low maintenance. I had tons of family helping out, and we weren't having a fancy wedding anyways. But this is a party, for over 100 guests, and no matter how you do it, when the day comes there are details that pop up you just cannot anticipate. I did not realize I would be turning my friend into my much needed wedding coordinator. Danielle ended up stepping into shoes I didn't even think needed to exist, from coordinating the vendors, to making sure the chaos was invisible, seamlesssly directing the flow of the wedding to making sure the guests were comfortable and fed, and I was stress free and happy. All without prior preparation. I kind of threw her to the sharks. But Danielle just knew what she had to do innately, from being born an organized, efficient, proactive and infinitely helpful person. My husband and I did not realize how badly we needed her there until after the end of the day and seeing the role she so perfectly assumed. She did not let any of those pesky details touch us so that we could enjoy one of the most precious days of our lives. Since then, I have demanded that she pursue wedding and event planning to save other unassuming brides."

-Andreena H.


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