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"She seamlessly moved the events of the evening along smoothly and in a timely manner...such that to

When it came down to planning my wedding, I could not have had a more patient and 'on-top-of-it" planner than Danielle Fast. She gently reminded me when tasks needed to be done (which was common for an uberly laid back bride like myself), and always had answers for questions before I even knew what to ask. Not only was she an indispensable resource leading up to the wedding, I attribute the success of our wedding day to her. She seamlessly moved the events of the evening along smoothy and in a timely manner and she took care of any vendor or guest issues behind the scenes with grace and tact, such that to this day, I don't remember anything but the fun we all had. Did I mention she also officiated our ceremony beautifully?

If you are looking for an incredible person to guide you through your engagement and help take charge of your wedding day, Danielle Fast is the only person I would recommend!

-Justine H.

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