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" will learn you are in good hands; the hands of someone who genuinely cares that your wedding

"I was engaged for two years but waited until the last three months to plan my wedding. This would have been a horror story had I not booked Danielle's services. In spite of the tight timeline, Danielle always kept her cool. She was incredibly organized, kept the planning process moving even though I was oftentimes indecisive and anything but helpful, and helped me book several vendors at amazing rates (I still can't believe I was able to get a live band with my modest wedding budget!).

Not only did the planning process go smoothly, so did the wedding. This was a tall order given the size of the wedding, the number of vendors, and the venue (the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum). I was even forewarned by museum staff that it was not uncommon for wedding coordinators to get frazzled given the unusual venue and the unexpected issues that could arise in such a space. To this day, I am not aware of any problems that arose the day-of.

Also, and what I imagine really sets her apart from the rest: Danielle goes above and, crazy, "my-wedding-planner-really-shouldn't-be-doing-or-offering-me-this-kind-of-service-because-then-I'm-just-taking-advantage-of-her" above and beyond. To give a couple of examples, Danielle gave me and my now-husband an impromptu dance lesson at our home two nights before the wedding, and she also offered to help assemble party favors.

You will not be disappointed if you book Danielle's services. You will instantly like her; she is truly one of the warmest people I have ever met. And, you will learn that you are in good hands; the hands of someone who genuinely cares that your wedding day be the most special day of your life and who has the expertise and ability to pull that off."

-Linda C.


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