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"like a wedding superhero, she swooped in and took all our spinning plates..."

Don't let Pinterest and this DIY revolution fool you. Believe me, you can't do it alone and you'll need Danielle Fast. I'm pretty sure you needed her yesterday.

Danielle brought calm to our crazy. If we could do it again, we would have asked for her services from the get-go. But, we were oddly confident that we could do everything independently. Thank goodness Danielle was available to be our day-of coordinator.

Like a wedding superhero, she swooped in and took all of our spinning plates, deftly figuring out what still needed to happen without instruction. My husband and I had peace-of-mind. And, that is exactly what you need before your wedding day -- someone who you can trust. We can't thank Danielle enough for pulling everything together and making our day so very special.

-Kat W.

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